Kaliningrad – Vyborg – Minsk

A Hint of Soviet

Kaliningrad (Königsberg) is a seaport city between Poland and Lithuania. Earlier the town was part of Prussia and Germany, but was occupied by Soviet Union in the Second World War and belongs now to Russia. In soviet times the city was almost prohibited area to outsiders because of military reasons,  but nowadays tourists are very welcome to the city.

Vyborg (Finnish: Viipuri) is a city in Russia near the border of Finland. It lies on the Karelian Isthmus near the head of the Vyborg Bay about 130 km northwest of St. Petersburg.  In long history the town has been under the government of Sweden, Novgorod, Russia and Finland. After the Second World War it has been part of Soviet Union and later Russia.

In addition to Kaliningrad and Vyborg a curious tourist can also find a hint of soviet atmosphere from Minsk, the capital city of Belarus (Republic of Belarus). Belarus was one of the countries which formed the Soviet Union in 1919. It had also central role in formal dissolution of the Soviet Union and the formation of the Commonwealth of Independent States in 1991. Minsk suffered large damages last in the Second World War but now it is rebuilt large, spacious and neat city.

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